17 February 2012

Awesome Pregnancy Detection Guide - Graphic

Well guys, if you are wondering why the wife is bitchy lately, she could be pregnant and not know it. But of course, with all of the symptoms, as you shall see, I'm pretty sure the lady would find herself in a doctors office or at least at a pharmacy buying a pregnancy tester. Here, see what she is going through and be very careful what you say to her (just kidding):


                 Eye and Ear

             Nose and Mouth




                     Arm and Hand


                          Legs and Feet




I'm pretty sure that very few women have every single problem as shown above but to have even half of them makes women good sports. Now if she could avoid alcohol, any drug, cigarette smoke, or anything even close to poison whether inhaled or injested, you will (sometimes just she will) enjoy a happy baby. You know, like the babies that never seem to cry or make a fuss - a really good-natured baby.

Compliments of "my health reference"
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