24 August 2011

More Jack L. and More Human Value

Before I begin this blog I want everyone to know that I asked this wonderful woman and her friend to take a photo with her Blackberry of this touching eulogy for Jack Layton - one of many around Vancouver. She did it in an expediant manner, for when I got home tonight after working with my artist friend, sure enough - there in my inbox, the jpeg was seen. (If everyone made little efforts like this, the whole world would change.)

I truly thank this gal for doing this because all I had to do was give her my FAFASD business card. She was happy to help. Thank you nameless and caring gal. We need Canada to stand up like you did. Not just for Jack but for the yet to be born. And I asked her to check out my blog. I also ask her to leave a heartfelt comment for the unborn because Canada needs her and many like her when urgency begs of it. She may not know it but her pic may do wonders for the yet to be born. How can you mix the two? Well if you look at Jack's history coupled with his enthuiasm for family values, you might know. Jack lived off of his own family's values who when in the beginning understood his "rebelness" (not a word) and supported his flourishing and unwavering policies into a party leader that took the last election by quite a surprise.

And Jack: I stand by your "fight on the issue" attitude and the whole caucus should feel proud of a fallen hero like you in because my books some people just demand change that is needed, no matter what the urgent cause and no matter what the opposition or lack of interest and money.

"I would be willing to bet that if I would have had the fortune of just 10 minutes with you, Jack, you would have given me 30 or more if I needed it."

Back to my blog, @fetuswinning

And now I give to you a response to a team member who challenged my blog writings as mentioned in yesterdays blog:

A Natural Act To Follow said...

Kevin (Anthony); No apology is needed. There will always be malcontents who believe what they are (selfishly) doing is no one's business but their own. Keep shaking the tree, brotha! If only one woman sees the danger and changes her life-style for the benefit of her unborn BABY, then your compassion and love for babies and their mother's has made a difference.

To those who are offended. Deal with it.

To those who are not; tell someone else of the dangers facing pregnant women who are drugging and drinking thier babies into a marginalized life.

23 August 2011

Defending the Foetus and Women's Rights

Jack Layton, may you rest in Heavenly Peace. (Aug 22nd 1950 – 2011)

Are my blogs unprofessional? Do my blogs attack women’s groups?

A friend told me to watch out for these things. He pointed out that I could lose readership from different groups of people. One of the groups of readers I was told I could lose is, women – the central target of my blogging.

This friend is Steve (Hon. Dr. Hedy Fry’s senior special assistant). I became immediately concerned. Honorable Dr. Hedy Fry, my acquaintance and fighter of women’s rights, who has maintained interest in my project goal and who has ocassionally spoken in women’s groups about FASD, could herself, become less interested in my writings.

I’ll first speak on professional writing and then revisit it with examples later. It’s true, I am not a professional writer. I did take a ten-week creative writing course years ago whereupon rule #1 was to basically, “shake’em up.” I’m not trying to be a creative writer on my blogs but the “shake’em up” part does play a role in my blogging. I want people to be shaken up about the growing problem of feotal alcohol spectrum disorder, not about so-called “bad” women.

I try to stop FASD by telling the truth. In telling the truth I may shake up emotions in women in general. This is unavoidable. Still, Steve forced me to go through my blogs. It took me a long time and I came across more support for women than anything else. In fact, I really cannot find any embroidered attack on women in any of my blogs. So I want to be very clear about this:

The only attack I am making is against FASD and I’m doing it in many ways. As it is, women have babies, not men. So I maintain that if any woman is offended than she is taking things personally when in fact I have also included men in many of my blogs specifically pointing out that they too share responsibility as partners for FASD births. I honestly don’t have any deliberate goal of offending anyone.

If a pregnant woman who after 3 months of drinking found out she were pregnant, would I be offending that woman? Again, this is not my intention and, in fact, my sharing of the facts of where she may be in regard to having foetal damage should be nothing less than a mental kick to stop her habit(s) immediately as well immediate educational guidance.

My goal has always only been to see healthy pregnancies. FASD is a horrible life sentence and is an uncomfortable topic for those who wish to have a drink but are reminded of the ugly consequences. That is not my fault.

Again, if I want healthy pregnancies by giving the foetus a voice in my blogging, I am not going to feel bad. I feel only good about it because I want all newborns to have the same chance at success in life, a success that is impossible for children born with FASD. It wasn’t I who created the woman as the bearer of responsibility of healthy pregnancies; it was evolution (if you don’t believe in God) or it was was creation (if you do believe in God). And still I add men to the responsibility duty list of protecting the foetus.

So I beg all women and men to really look at my blogs and ask them to then look at their own purpose for their foetus (baby) when dealing with a pregnancy and to see that in fact I am providing informed consent through various means and that I do it because I care.

Back to: Regarding “professionalism” in my writing, I do see in my blogs that I have some changes to make. One change I made, for example, is in blog: “Lots To Think About - Special Emails (Aug 2011),” half way down where I replaced a pair of words with a “BLEEP” in green lettering. This was a thwack against the government of Canada.

There is another blog where I wrote a somewhat juvenile sentence regarding a manager that fired an employee for not serving alcohol to a pregnant woman. See blog: “Poor Sap Gets Fired For Refusing to Serve Alcohol to Pregnant Woman. (Aug 2011)” In this blog I was reminded that a woman has total domain of her body and is by all rights the sole decider of what to do with it. I must say with emphasis, this is something I have never taken for granted. Steve’s reminder was still duly noted and again, I am going through my blogs to catch any miswritings I may have made.

Having said all this, I have already went through a most of my blogs and have clearly seen that I have not attempted to take women’s right for granted. My goal is to inform women of the serious nature of drinking while pregnant. This I am completely adament about and am satisfied that I am not trying to take anything away from women’s rights, including drinking while pregnant.

True, I may have run a little interference but if anyone would read all of my blogs they would realize that what I am really attacking is the actual problem of the incidence rate of FASD births and the governments failure to help with the prevention of Canada’s number one birth defect – not women’s rights. 

Please take nothing personally and understand my goals and my “hit ‘em hard” approach designed specifically for the only ones that cannot have a voice without me – the foetus.

I'd like to think that, like Jack Layton, I fight on the issue.

Let the fetus do its job of becoming your baby.

No Booze. No Drugs. Being Real.

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12 August 2011

Poor Sap Gets Fired For Refusing to Serve Alcohol to Pregnant Woman

Now this is sick news. A bartenderess related a shocking story. A man who was serving a table at a bar refused to serve alcohol to a pregnant woman. The group at the table (sickos in my opinion) made such a stink about it that the poor guy was fired. I don't think you would want to hear what I have to say about the manager who fired him.

Is this how our society protects unborn children? Apparently. This must stop now.

Someone please give me $5,000 so I can get my organization started. If I could throw in all that I can from my disability cheques (maybe 20 dollars), it would take me 20 years to start it myself. By that time 10's of thousands of children would be born with the full FASD syndrome that would cost taxpayers more billions of dollars.

Let the fetus do its job of becoming your baby.

No Booze. No Drugs. Being Real.

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Lots To Think About - Special Emails

I have had the pleasure of sitting with the Right Honorable Dr. Hedy Fry (MLA) (Vancouver) and discussed the fasd fiasco. Hedy takes the issue seriously and does proactive work amongst her extremely busy schedule and I am proud to be her friend.


Bruce Ritchie, Moderator and CEO
FASlink Fetal Alcohol Disorders Society
2448 Hamilton Road
Bright's Grove, ON
N0N 1C0

Hi Anthony,

The incidence of FASD significant enough to require Special Education is 10% to 12% in Canada. I have attached my report and proof published in 2007. Please print it and give a copy to Hedy Fry and others.

PHAC admitted their 1% numbers are bogus and indefensible but the Conservatives' PMO won't allow them to change them.
It means that government response to FASD is insignificant and what little funding they provide never makes it to the grassroots level. It is sucked back up by the bureaucracy by going to very expensive conferences, renaming existing programs, and redundant "research" that is ignored, etc. New programs are forbidden by the PMO. There is virtually no support at the parental level other than that provided by parent driven non-profit organizations such as FASlink.

I guess they would rather fund jails, jets and tax breaks for big corporations.


On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 11:03 AM, Anthony Baker (Kevin Zinger - adoptive name) <fafasd@gmx.com> wrote to Steven R. Bourne (Senior Specail Assistant to the Right Honorable Dr. Hedy Fry)

Hello Steven:

Please forward this directly to Hedy Fry. It is a reality studied and created by Bruce Ritchie of which I completely concur with and am extremely angry about. This is the (BLEEP) way our government is killing childrens futures and their families in the process. Sorry about the language but how do my colleagues and I get attention otherwise?!!! And yes, the government is doing the "killing" because NO PLAN is a plan of inaction - an inaction I am deeply sad about. There are people like myself who could use start up funding so that, in my case, I can enact my proactive prevention plan, my Safe Pregnancy Vision. Can you find me the money to pay for my organization start up? Likely not. Thousands of FASD born children every year that costs the taxpayers billions over the lifetimes of these children-to-adults just don't rate high enough on the scale of importance. But when someone gets killed at a dangerous part of some highway, the government funds a crosswalk light. Go figure. Some idiot walks in front of a car and the money comes pouring in. Did you know that I have serious nervous system problems that require the maximum dosage of nerve blockers and also the drug Oxycontin - a highly powerful and addictive drug? Next year I may have a back operation and a wheel chair will likely be in my future because my nervous system is getting the best of me year by year. This is no joke for me or the 10's of thousands of children/adults with FASD. I repeat - this is no joke
From: paul wong [mailto:poliwog2010@gmail.com]
Sent: July-22-11 2:07 PM
To: Kevin Zinger
steve.bourne@hedyfry.com; y.xie08@gmail.com; admin@thedoctorstv.com; thangway@yahoo.ca; personcentred1@yahoo.co.uk; brightsgrove@yahoo.com; bccomments@ctv.ca; yourhealth@ctv.ca; dennis.spiers@gmail.com; erich.harvey@hedyfry.com
Subject: Re:

Hope that the government care more about the FASD issue.

So there it is Steven. The link to Bruce Ritchie's report is http://www.faslink.org/Probabilityofprenatalalcoholexposure.pdf. Bruce wants me to print it out but on disability, I just don't have the ink. Please print it out for me and leave it for Hedy's eyes. That would be a great step for my efforts. I won't stop, Steven. Something will have to get accomplished here, now.

Thank You Steven and Hedy Fry for your great support.

Anthony Baker (Adoptive Name: Kevin Zinger)
401-2133 Dundas Street,
Vancouver, BC V5L 1J7

Return letter from Steven Bourne:
Dear Anthony and Paul Wong.

Thanks for sending your emails and on going updates about FAFASD as you are aware, Dr. Fry is very concerned about the consequences of alcohol abuse and the particular effect it has on the foetus. Now as the Liberal Federal Critic for Health, it is even more important to receive your emails.


Steven R,. Bourne

Senior Special Assistant
Hon. Dr. Hedy Fry, P.C.,M.P.

Federal Liberal Party Critic for Health

Direct Telephone: 604 666 4466

105- 1030 Denman Street
Vancouver B.C.
V6G 2M6

Let the fetus do its job of becoming your baby.

No Booze. No Drugs. Being Real.

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